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Thread: ThrottleX by Anonymous Tipster

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    Default ThrottleX by Anonymous Tipster

    AnonymousTipster has released a great looking new game for the PSP, heres what he says:

    Well, this game has been a long time overdue, and I haven't been able to put as much time as I would have liked into the graphical front as I've been concentrating on getting all the levels at the right difficulty. Gameplay comes first. The idea is that you're driving a car, and have to either run through all the gates, or just get to the finish. Simple really...
    Hopefully you'll enjoy this game once you get past the blocky models.

    P.S. I've personally ensured all the levels are possible, just persevere and you'll get them in the end

    Download and Screens Here -->

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    Who is Anonymous Tipster? I really like his game, it's much like GripShift. I'd like to help out with his graphics needs. I'm a 3D Modeler and I specialize in low-polygon models. I have many finished works I could provide, as well as anything original he'd like to see done. I'd love to see some of my models on the PSP, so I don't expect anything in return other then the pride in seeing my works on my favorite handheld.

    Oh, and if anybody else needs some 3D models for their PSP work, just let me know. I'll try to honor any reasonable request, so bring it on!

    (Use "Private Message" or PM, to contact me)

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