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Thread: NES or SNES for DS?

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    Default NES or SNES for DS?

    Hey all,

    I am considering asking for a DS or a PSP for Christmas. Personally I know I'll end up with a DS at some point, once that new Super Mario side scroller comes out, I'll be all over it. But right now I'd really like a hand held that can play NES and/or SNES games.

    I know the PSP can do it(it can also run Linux, which I wouldn't mind playing with) however I have heard much less about the DS. Does it have any old school console emulators? And I remember hearing about a DS Linux effort. How far along is that?

    Also, how does one get the homebrew stuff onto the DS? Do you need to buy cartridges or is there abuilt in hard drive or is it memory cards?


    edit: added another question

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    go on the network sites box on the top of the page and go to Nintendo DS, all you need is there, and for a thing to play them on, well im aiming to get one that you need to put an SD card into the GBA slot addapter and a passme thing in the DS slot, then you fire it up and away you go. its realy simple.. i hope :-D your best bet is get a DS coz with mario kart coming your gonna kick your self if your stuck with a PSP

    as for DSLinux head over to the site and it sould give you the rundown.

    the PSP Snes things look pants coz its a tiny screen on the left hand side, the DS version is full screen so it would be more comfortable. same with NES

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    I guess you have never used the snes emu on the psp which supports full screen and is very close to full speed on most games while the nes emulation is near perfect.
    at this point the psp is far ahead in the emulation stakes and if you are a fan of emulation on the go then a psp or a gamepark is the smart choice. If however you are a fan of nintendo games and have emulation as an afterthought then the ds would be the choice....................................of course if you want a non pretentious console that really is portable whith a whole host of cool games you can always pick up a neo geo pocket with a stack of games for next to nothing.

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