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Thread: Help with Gameshark Codes in FireRed on gpSP

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    Default Help with Gameshark Codes in FireRed on gpSP

    i've tried using these in gpSP and it crashes the PSP upon returning to the game ;-;

    gameshark_V3 Gameshark Mastercode
    9820F6AE 8203
    23705BFC 2025
    CC391336 E64B

    gameshark_V3 buy any item Part 1
    B0C2B2C1 33C7
    98C0B213 B37F
    CB0DFF7F EF42
    7692A081 52FF
    1596E32F 0267
    7CB4129C D293
    C75FFB7F 5664
    16C4B29B 1375

    gameshark_V3 buy any item Part 2
    57E4472A 4D01
    5494B29F 5253
    4746E96B 5141
    3EF4129C 9291
    56E40622 4B08
    16E4129A 1335
    C25BBE57 F27D
    3AC0B2B9 B3E5

    am i formatting them wrong ? or do i need to set it to V1 instead of V3? using Save Patched Pokemon FireRed 1.1 rom

    and can you actuallu use codebreaker codes in gpSP?

    Version of gpSP, UO gpSP kai 3.2 test 8.7

    its in the GAME folder and running DarkAlex Firmware 4.01MM3 - M2
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