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    psp TruPhoto

    News/release from DaMerv:

    TruPhoto - A whole new way to look.

    There's no readme included, basically because I'm too lazy after finishing this. So listen up close if you wanna know what you are doing.

    TruPhoto is intended to eventually be able to completely replace the built-in photo viewer. At this point, the only feature it doesn't have that the official one does is setting a wallpaper (I plan to accomplish this soon). It is built "around the idea that photo viewing and manipulation should be intuitive and realistic.

    Use the on-screen pointer (which will also be compatible with the touchscreen once available) to grab and drag your photos around the screen. The pointer is controlled by the analog stick and grip is controlled by X. You can zoom in (circle) and out (triangle) and straighten (square) your photos.

    One thing you may notice in the screenshot is a dock. "What do these do and how do they work?" I'll tell you.

    These icons react to different actions.

    Clicking on HOME will return you to your default album.

    Dragging a photo on VIEW will bring focus to that photo. Dragging an album on VIEW will open that album.

    Dragging a photo to INFO will information on that photo.

    Dragging anything onto HIDE will put it away into the box. Clicking the box will empty it back onto the table.

    Clicking HELP will refresh you on the controls.

    "How do I add photos/albums to TruPhoto?" This is the easy part. Each folder within the "PHOTO" folder in TruPhoto is treated as an album. Every PNG and JPG photo within your albums is automatically loaded when you load TruPhoto.

    "How do I change the default blue table to my own photo like in the second screenshot?" Simple. Add your PNG photo to the TruPhoto folder and name it "bg.png"

    Any questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome.


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    this looks very nice
    keep up the good job!

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