Ooblik has posted a new release of the XMB Replacement for PSP:

This a XMB replacement project for the PSP.

Currenty Only Tested on PSP Slim 4.01 M33-2

So far everything is visually customizable. Check Config.cfg and Skin.cfg in the
Skins/Default folder for more information. I hope to see many creative Skins!

To Install extract to the root of your memory stick.

**I am not responsible for any damage this may (and probably won't) cause your PSP.**

If you would like to help or have any suggestions/feedback/bugs please email me
at timooblik@hotmail.com Subject: OoblikXMB Help. Or look for me on the

forums I'm Ooblik

- Configuration File Reader based on Conf.c and Conf.h by Dark_AleX (1.50 CFW POC)
- Uses IntraFont by BenHur
- Uses Danzeff OSK by Danzel
- File Browser and Skin Browser based on File Browser by Jono
- Get PSP Model Function from Despertar del Cementerio v6 Source


v0.2 Beta
- USB Toggle
- Web Browser (almost)
- Customizable Skins

v0.3 Beta
- USB Indicator Icon
- Volume Indicator Icon
- File Browser Implemented
- Ability to Launch EBOOTs
- UMD Disk Launching Implimented
- Internet Browser Implimented
- Skin Browser Implimented
- Smoother Icon Movement
- Splash Screen

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