via Kotaku:

Sega wanted to clear something up about MadWorld at Games Convention. You won't just be cruising the black and white streets of Mad City, tossing scores of chumps into meat grinders, slicing them in half with Dumpster lids and beheading them in style with daggers akimbo. There's more to it than that.

First of all, there are mini-game challenges, like the Death Press, in which Jack, the star of MadWorld, will have to toss as many bodies into a spike-filled crusher before time runs out. You know, to break the monotony of turning faces into pulp and being showered with blood.

Plus, there are driving sequences, specifically riding a motorcycle with a chainsaw in your right hand sequences. While the motorbike level we saw at Games Convention was nearly devoid of traffic (and losers to chainsaw), the final game will absolutely see plenty of carnage on the streets.

Finally, there are boss battles. The one we got a glimpse of featured a series of tornadoes moving in a serpentine path down a bridge, with a whirlwind tossing boss at the other end. The chainsaw versus giant turbine handed boss combat didn't get much screen time, as it faded to black as Platinum Games producer Atsushi Inaba scrapped with the tornado man.

There's a definite concern on our end that the endless goring of your enemies might lead to some repetition, so we hope these portions of the game help to shatter that. Until we go hands-on, we'll have to be satisfied with just looking. Like looking at these new screen shots. *hint hint*