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Thread: Enabling remote play on psp with 4.01 m-33 cfw

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    Default Enabling remote play on psp with 4.01 m-33 cfw

    So I need to enable remote play on my psp that has cfw 4.01 m-33. When I try to register my psp, the ps3 does not detect it as being connected at all. I found these instructions about enabling remote start on a psp with cfw 3.71 m-33 and wondered if the steps are the same, only:

    replacing psar dumper with the version made for 4.01

    Instructions I have:

    Download ofw 3.72
    Download M33_NEWPSARDUMPER
    Open Usb connection and put 3.72 eboot (rename it to EBOOT.PBP) in root of mem stick
    Put PSARDUMPER in Game (3.71 kernal)
    Run Psardumper
    Press Square
    After itís done dumping, open USB Connection and copy premo_plugin.prx (f0\vsh\module) and premo_plugin.rco (f0\vsh\resource) and paste them somewhere for safe keeping
    You can delete the folder now.
    Open recovery menu on PSP (right bumper and turn on with PSP still connected to PC)
    Go to advanced
    Select Toggle USB (flash0)
    A new window should pop up on your PC
    Make sure you have hidden files and system files viewable
    Replace premo_plugin.prx (vsh\module) and premo_plugin.rco (vsh\resource) with the ones you copied
    Select Toggle USB (flash0) to disable
    Restart PSP

    As i see it, i need official firmware 4.01 and psardumper for 4.01. Are there any other files i need and could someone - if they understand how to do this - make these instructions easier - or maybe a youtube tutorial. Ive been looking for a better tutorial, but its impossible to find.

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    heres a video i made about making it work on 3.71
    But i doubt it'll work as 4.01 m33 works fine with remote play, im using it right now. The remote play prx's dont have anything to do with usb. This method was created because remote play itself woould initiate because there was a firmware check and you had to update, this just tricks the ps3 into beleiving that you have a higher firmware during remote play. Most likely something is wrong with your usb somehow, try using a different usb cord and a different usb port on your ps3, and if that doesnt work try reinstalling your psp firmware.

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    I had the same problem as well and finally figured it out. Google KeyCleaner v1.4 by Chilly Willy read the instructions and hopefully it will work.

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