News from Zodttd:

I have released a new beta, gameboy4iphone v2.0.0 for iPhone & iPod Touch Firmware 2.x.x. This one was heavily requested!

Not a beta tester? There's still time! Click here.

Here's what's new with gameboy4iphone v2.0.0:

Exclusively supports the new 2.x.x series firmwares.
Fixed the controller input to allow for 5+ touch points.
Fixed up the audio playback. Sounds great!
Improved performance by removing magnification filters in landscape and portrait views. I kept the aspect ratio so things look good still.
Lowering and raising the volume now works properly when using the L/R buttons.
Should be a lot more stable!

This looks to be a solid release... I hope you like it!

To be a beta tester you have to donate towards zodttd, if your happy basically paying for emulators then visit here