Smash Bros. fans, have no fear! IGN reports that Kirby and Smash Bros. father Masahiro Sakurai has allied with his former employers for Super Smash Bros. on the Revolution.

This relieving news was disclosed by Sakurai himself in the latest Famitsu Magazine. The seasoned creator reveals that upon his departure from Nintendo, his boss and long-time colleague Satoru Iwata expressed interest in collaborating down the road if HAL made another Super Smash Bros. game. Iwata followed up on his proposal and promptly approached him after the sequel's announcement during E3 2005. Sakurai accepted Iwata's offer, and is now director and lead game designer for the Revolution game. (Actual game production had not commenced when the project was publicly announced.)

Sakurai is famous for his attention to detail, and his involvement almost certainly ensures a worthy sequel with a comprehensive online mode.