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Thread: Harvest Moon Boy and Girl

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    Default Harvest Moon Boy and Girl

    Another new Commercial release, heres the info:

    A two-pack port of the PlayStation editions of Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon Boy and Girl comes to PSP with adventures and romantic entanglements for both male and female players.

    More information at Lik Sang

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    Nice cover, looks very friendly, with the blue sky, animals, etc. ..Though, not enough to sell me on it. If they renamed this title to "Harvest Moon: HORSE & girl"... it might make my curiousity shell out some dough. Anyways, I am CHEAP and not allowed to post threads. (WTF?!?!) I have a serious, serious question for the lottaya, which.. if gone unanswered, I will blow my brains out:

    I have a 1.50 PSP. It uses the WAB Version Changer, to make UMD's think it's a 2.00. As I understand, GTA requires 2.00. I am asking Santa Claus for these games for Xmas:


    Midway Arcade classics

    The gottlieb pinball game, whatever it's called

    Does ANYONE know... if any of these games do/will require 2.00 (like GTA), or 2.50? Or is my fake 2.00 good enough? I hope so. If not, Santa's gonna die, and NO one will get any presents this christmas.


    ps- check out my website;s! l1!!olololl

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