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Thread: Quake 3 Bsp Map Viewer (ver 0.2a)

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    Thumbs up Quake 3 Bsp Map Viewer (ver 0.2a)

    Psmonkey aka Nexis2600 has released a new version of his Quake 3 BSP Map Viewer at his site hosted on the DCEmu Network here -->

    Heres the info:

    This is a simple app that lets you view a quake 3 bsp map file on the psp. Development is on going so this is far from final!

    // Suported Features


    .) Renders Quake 3 Bsp Maps.
    .) Suports Polygon Surfaces.
    .) Suports Mesh Objects (statues, candles, etc).
    .) Preliminary Bezier Suport. (only some draw).
    *Note: For debuging purposes, the bezier control points will be rendered as lines.
    .) Suports Vertex Coloring.
    .) Suports 24bit RGB or 32bit RGBA Uncompressed TGA Images
    .) Simple Camera Navigation.

    Download and give credits and feedback at PSMonkeys Site here -->

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    so does this mean we may have quake 3 on our psps eventually?
    i didnt think it was possible bc of hardware limitations.

    would be cool though, although its the least fun of the series,
    never cared for multiplayer games myself.

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