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The new tracks are a pleasant mix. You swap between small and tightly designed tracks, to long, wide and sprawling ones, bringing a unique driving experience from cup to cup and track to track.

The range on offer here is impressive to say the least. When added to the bonus retro tracks, you have enough combinations of race types to keep you glued to multi-player races for many, many months to come.

But then there's more! The new Missions mode, while presenting a few challenges that fall into the annoying, stupid and frustrating bracket, are insanely addictive.

Little trails that require expert driving skills to earn the top ranking and, because of their short and sharp nature, are always begging for just one more go to perfect.

And then there's the rather generous multiplayer. Even with just one cart, there's a nice selection of tracks and Battle modes to get stuck into.

With everyone kitted out with a copy of the game, you'll be party to every track, mode and feature that the game has to offer.

Never before has Mario Kart offered so much content, that's so easily accessible and can be enjoyed by so many people. And that's got to be a good thing, surely?

Mario Kart DS is out on 25 November

Overall: 92%

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