News/release from BigProMan

Following the request of some members, I make a plug capable of calaculer how much time you spend on your favorite games or homebrews.


-- You can activate a GAME, GAME150 and POPS! (you can also activate a VSH if you want ^ ^)

-- A timer starts at each launching a game

-- You can view real-time this time, a push button SELECT (time displayed in the upper left of the screen in red)

-- To save time, activate the button HOLD quans you are about to leave the game, and time is saved in a file corresponding to the date itself in the folder "GTC" (created for the prx you)

-- You can look at how long you play your games / homebrews each day!

New to come:

-- Possibility to choose the configuration of keys.
-- Surprises ...
-- You give me ideas!

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