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Thread: PSP Triplay Released

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    Thumbs up PSP Triplay Released

    Sammy Fatnassi has released an excellent looking card game for the PSP, heres what PSMonkey/Nexis2600 posted about it:


    Quick card game I made to initiate myself to Psp programming.


    -Card game were you have to remove all cards from the board.
    -To remove cards, match 2 of them together that either have
    the same value or have value that follow each other. (BUTTON X)
    -You can only access cards that without any other cards on top.
    -If there's no possible match on the board, you can use the cards
    from the deck (BUTTON Triangle).
    -If even then, there's no possible mathc, you can discard the
    current deck card, and pick the next one (BUTTON Square).
    -Match same: 800pts, Match follow : 40

    Downloads and more screenshots in the release thread in the DCEmu Network forums here -->

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    Excellent Puzzle game!

    I do have a few gameplay suggestions though:

    #1. Allow players to turn off the timer for a more strategical game. The timed game is cool, but it would be nice to try an untimed game and see how many points can be racked up.

    #2. Allow players to link together more then 2 cards. Allow for long straights, flushes, full house, and 3/4 of a kind. This would increase the puzzle like nature of the game and work well for timed and untimed games. Think of it as Card-Combo moves! Throw in some speical effects if you really want to WOW people.

    Also, if you want to get REALLY crazy, you could add "Trick" cards to the match. These cards would either act as Wild Cards, allowing players to fill in Straights, or perhaps the "Unmovable" card. This kind of card would only be removed if made part of a 3 or 4 card straight or kind. You could color these Trick cards in Silver, Gold, or Iron to make them stand out.

    This is a really awesome setup for a card game. I've never come across a card game like this before. I'd love to see even more, if you're friend wants to invest the time. The animated backgrounds are very cool and the animations are smooth. Maybe he could make the cards explode, or something, when they are removed from the game field.

    With a little more work, I could see this turning into a very sweet commercial game. Of course, a commercial version should have 3D cards, tons of special effects, and a killer sound track with user adjustable themes to match the player's mood. This could be SO much more then just a programming demo. It's alot of fun!

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    lovin this game & it works with eboot loader!!!

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    Well thanks you

    It's not nearly as polished visually as I wanted it, but i wanted to quickly finish it to jump to something else (namely 3d or a Kanji flash card learning tool)

    If you like it, I also made a GBA version some 2-3 years ago, I used it as a base for the Psp one.

    Go there : GbaDev and type Triplay in the search. I think that this one is a little more polished.

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