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Last week we were raving about the Japanese Gold NDS, and this week we have what's quite simply the best value NDS bundle yet. Straight from the US is the Mario Kart Hot Rod Red Edition, which along with including the full Mario Kart game released just two weeks ago (normally US$ 49.90 on its own), you get a red NDS edition with custom checked flag wrist strap and a flame racing skin to stick on the back. We expect a first delivery this Thursday and then some more additional stock around the week-end. If you are holding a preorder, watch your mailbox around the end of the week for a tracking number.

Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time - NDS (US)

This week is the launch of Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time for the NDS, sequel to the extremely loveable and successful Mario & Luigi, better known to importers as Mario & Luigi RPG. At the end of the original game Bowser was defeated and the future looked brighter than ever, but now it's the past Mushroom Kingdom has to worry about. Skipping back in time to when the plumber brothers were but babies, aliens named Shroobs decided they would invade. Thankfully grown-up Mario and Luigi use a time machine to go back and along with the two babies, try to save the day. That's right, with double the screens comes double the characters! Switching between the big and little guys with the touch of a button, you can use their size, or lack of it, to reach new areas. Then when you split up, keep track of both teams at once on the two separate screens.

Not only can the two Mario bros. team up against enemies like last time, but with the right timing you can double your damage here by using the babies too. Likewise there's many brain twisting puzzles that use the extra characters, and as with the original no doubt there will be many new gameplay aspects introduced throughout the adventure. Combat wise this time an emphasis has been placed on good timing to pull of moves rather than memorizing button combinations. With all the RPG aspects you'd expect, plenty of humor, giant bosses, and not to forget a whiny little Prince Bowser, Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time is sure to delight, and being released in the US first, it's in stock within the next few days.