He's been around a bit has our Bomberman. You could say he's a real 'blast' from the past, if you wanted. Now he's bringing his explosive puzzle action to DS.[br]Ubisoft has picked up Bomberman DS for a European release in summer and it's detonated the first screenshot our way.[br][br]The top screen shows the usual Bomberman play area, while the touch screen holds a map of the full level (allowing much bigger, more complex stages) and inventory information. [br][br]The DS's microphone will also be used: "just 'SHOUT' and win your battle" it says here, which makes the game sound a little easy. We reckon you'll be able to drop bombs by saying, um, bomb. Or something. Try not to make it sound like you're saying 'bum' or people around you will think you're mental. And on that note, don't say bomb if you're in an airport or train station. Maybe it's not a good idea after all...[br][br]Up to 8 people will be also be able to blow the socks off each other via the beautiful enigma of wireless multiplayer.[br][br]And don't worry if you're a PS2 owner desperate for a bit of a bomb fix: Ubisoft is also bringing Bomberman Hardball to European PS2s. This little beauty fuses the classic gameplay of the series with a whole stack of extra play modes including baseball, golf, tennis and five different 4 player battle modes. [br][br]There's also a new 'Life' mode that ties in to your system clock, giving you a "dynamic view" of your Bomberman's day-to-day activities, which is fantastic because we've lost count of how many sleepless nights we've had wondering what Bombermen get up to when they're not blowing stuff up. You'll also be able to customize his-her appearance by playing minigames, if you're that way inclined.[br][br]Bomberman Hardball is due this spring.