Did you see Ice Age? That animated movie with the woolly mammoth and the sabre-toothed tiger and the funny little rat thing with the weird eyes? It was genius. Robots is the new film from the team that created Ice Age (it's in cinemas in the US from March 11).[br]Vivendi announced that it would be bringing Robots to PS2, Xbox, Cube and GBA last year, but the DS version has flown under our radar. Not any more - we've got our rusty mitts on a whole bunch of screens.[br][br]You'll play the role of Rodney Copperbottom, the unlikely leader of a rebellion against an evil tyrant planning to turn the robotic inhabitants of a huge mechanical metropolis into spare parts. A side-scrolling platform/adventure, Robots will apparently let you use parts of your metallic anatomy to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.[br][br]The touchscreen looks like it's going to be used for maps, inventories and minigames. The functional use of the second screen looks fairly complimentary to the top-screen action, and some bonus games should sate your hunger for stylus-swishing.[br][br]Robots will be a European DS launch games, so we'll only have to wait until March 11 to find out if it's a heap of scrap or the nuts (and bolts).