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Thread: Nintendo starts pre-orders for Play-Yan video adapter

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    Default Nintendo starts pre-orders for Play-Yan video adapter

    Remember when we told you Nintendo would be adding video playback abilities via a $49 adapter for the DS? The company is now taking pre-orders for the device, called Play-Yan, and it is, in fact, selling for $49. It is also listed as being compatible with the SP. In addition to playing both ASF and MPEG-4, it will also play back MP3 files. It will use SD cards for storage (up to 1GB), and battery times are currently posted at 4 hours for video playback and 16 for MP3. Other devices do already exist for video playback, but a Nintendo-made one canít be a bad thing. Can it?[br][br]

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    Default Re: Nintendo starts pre-orders for Play-Yan video

    only $50? that's awesome! The cheapest portable video device (not a kidi one) is around $300 so it would be almost worth it to buy a ds just for that (it would be kind of hard to though because of the cool games)

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