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Thread: Review: R4SDHC R4 SDHC Revolution DS SLOT-1

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    the R4 SDHC is a clone cart
    so is the R4 vIII and R4 Advance and there also another one as well

    they are not made by the R4 team
    the official R4 has stoped production, the team got sued and is gone
    many clone teams have popped up but most where figured out before they did any damage

    the N5 and Mars cart are also clones of the R4
    except the N5 can brick your DS due to it has a high chance of blowing the capacitor in the DS for some reason

    get a DSTT if you need a cheap cart, but also watch out for clones
    many DSTT clones have popped up now

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    The clones (gold dot) work fine with DSTT OS 1.15 (the current one).
    The only issue is that the DSTT team have threatened to make the next version of the OS either incompatible with the clones, or even 'burn' the MicroSD.

    I would think the best they could do is to corrupt the card.

    DSTT OS 1.15 has better compatibility than the most recent R4 OS, so theres not really any reason to choose a more expensive R4 clone over even a fake DSTT.

    You can get the real DSTTs (in the new plastic packaging, not the box) from Dealextreme for $12 once they are back in stock in a few days. The ones in the boxes are clones.

    I have 2 fakes and 1 real DSTT, all work great.

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    Hi all,

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    Just came across a great deal from this china based web site for R4 DSHC Card with 4GB memory card Its actully one of the best deals around guys. Check it out


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    Hey guys, I just bought this card from deal extreme and I have tried loading all kinds of different software but each time I try playing it sticks at the loading screen.

    Any suggestions? I'd really appreciate it, waited 3 weeks for it to get here and now it wont work >.<

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    Nevermind, the software from linfox worked perfectly

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    I have an R4SDHC card with a Sandisk 8gb card. I cannot complain about the R4 card as it works perfectly whether it is fake or real. Have been in lots of sites and seen all the anti R4 postings but to be honest for the money its a blinding piece of kit. Is a little fiddly to start with but once you know what to do its a doddle :O)

    The only issue I have is that I can only get 4gb of files to show when I load it in my DSL. I am aware that this is an issue but was just wondering if anyone knows a way to work around this??

    Hoping there is someone out there who knows how to work some magic ;O)

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    Hello, I'm new and need help. I'm not techy at all and need to buy a r4 kit for my daughter for her DS/ Needs to have all the bits with it, including software as i'm abit of a numpty on findng how to download files - it's took me all evening to get on here !!! There are so many out there ! what's that all about!:

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    Hi Ken,

    Please tell - I need the lot, dont have a thing! where where where . Is that the software too. Need it to be user friendly i'm not that strong on downloading....

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    i would throw my r4 away cus the ds-xtreme is alot easier to use trust me i got one of both of thoose and its just alot easier and u can get a 16gb dsX

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