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Thread: Windows Xp on the Wii - The Possibility

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    Default Windows Xp on the Wii - The Possibility

    Hmm I thoght about this, If my crappy, 1ghz, 128mb of ram pc can run Windows Xp at a good rate, also run big java games like runescape without hardly any lag. can the Wii atleast run windows xp?

    Here are the specs for Windows Xp home edition from Cnet..

    System Requirements
    * Min Processor Type Intel Pentium - 233 MHz
    * Min RAM Size 64 MB
    * Min Hard Drive Space 1.5 GB
    * Peripheral / Interface Devices SVGA monitor, CD-ROM, Mouse or compatible device

    Okay, the Wii has 128mb of ram, that is 64mb ram, and then another 32 x 2 primary ram.

    The wii has a 777mhz processor, I've seen laptops with 600mhz that run windows xp at a usable rate.

    As for CD-ROM that would not work, however DVD-ROM would work fine.

    Mouse and keyboard = USB.

    Harddrive, USB.

    Ok so basically the harddrive would get a USB slot, then you would need a Plug in USB hub to connect a keyboard and mouse and anything else (webcam, printer).

    as for other things like wifi, its built in.

    Problems to face. (Transforming a Windows XP disk Into a readable Rom file, or if you copied your Windows XP home to your pc's harddrive, patch it with a file so it works on the wii, then burn to a DVD-ROM and then someone ported dos to launch the disc and install it to the Wii's Harddrive Option (USB Harddrive).

    Only Windows xp home would work,no professional.

    Low ram, We could use a 1gb USB stick plugged into the Hub to act as a swapfile.

    If this would be a big problem or slow etc, we can always revert to win98 or 2000, they r okay.

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    Why XP?

    A small linux distro is more suited for this...

    you can do alot more with a small linux distro and have alot more than with the large more consuming XP.

    Just wait for Wiilinux to have a distro... its the best way to go IMO.

    Thanks for Everything,
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    can you play minesweeper and solitaire though?! lol

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