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Thread: ezJam Combo Guitar Controller for Wii announced

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    Rev ezJam Combo Guitar Controller for Wii announced

    The ezJam Combo Guitar Controller for Wii is the first guitar controller for the Wii that works for both music videogames Guitar Hero and Rock Band. With ezGear’s proprietary DC2 Dual Connect™ technology, the ezJam Combo Guitar Controller contains everything you need to play either game and is ultra-responsive to meet the most intense shredder’s needs. The ezJam Combo Guitar Controller comes with upgraded ezSpring™ chrome strum bar and chrome whammy bar, a fine tuned multi-axis tilt sensor and ezGear’s standard Supra10™ 10 fret feature. The ezJam Combo Guitar Controller comes with the Guitar Controller, a wireless receiver, and neckstrap.

    "I’ve had customers tell me over and over that they really don't want to have multiple guitars lying around for different games. It is too expensive and takes up too much space - retailers are telling us a similar story,” Charlie Bernstein, President and CEO of ezGear. “One large chain told us that they are only going to carry combo guitars in the future. It’s going to save them valuable retail space and increase their ROI per square foot. That’s a win for everyone, consumers and stores alike.”

    Mr Bernstein continues. “I think our designers captured the look and feel of the Wii while combining the two guitars into one. I have been playing it for hours and absolutely love it.”

    ezJam Combo Guitar Controller - One Guitar Does it All!

    With DC2 Dual Connect Technology, the ezJam Combo Guitar Controller works with a host of titles for the Wii, including Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Guitar Hero IV World Tour and Rock Band 1 and Rock Band 2.

    DC2 Dual Connect™ Technology

    DC2 Dual Connect Technology offers the best of both worlds. Integrated components inside the controller offers functionality for both Rock Band and Guitar Hero and includes two wireless interface modules one for each game. The DC2 interface for Guitar Hero is via the standard Wiimote. A compartment in the back of the guitar houses connections for the Wiimote. The DC2 interface for Rock Band is a wireless transmitter built into the ezJam Combo Guitar Controller. The transmitter communicates with a wireless receiver that plugs into your Wii. Switching between Guitar Hero and Rock Band is easily done with a slider button on the side of the guitar.

    SUPRA 10™ Fret Keys

    The ezJam Combo Guitar Controller comes with ezGear's signature Supra10 fret board. Supra10 allows the ezJam Combo to be used by any member of the family. Family members with large hands can use the bottom 5 frets while smaller hands can use the upper frets that are closer together.

    Whammy and Strum Bars

    Chrome Whammy and Strum bars are standard on the ezJam Combo Guitar Controller. The ezSpring feature of both ensures perfect synchronization and great guitar action on every song.

    Save Money and Space

    Today, you need two guitars (costing between $90-$120) to get the functionality of the ezJam Combo Guitar Controller, at almost half the price and half the space.


    Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Guitar Hero World Tour AND Rock Band1, Rock Band 2 (Wii platform)
    • Supra10 Keyboard - 5 standard keys & 5 smaller keys for smaller hands
    • Chrome Strum Bar and Whammy Bar
    • Multi-Axis Tilt Sensor
    • Includes Neck Strap and Wireless Receiver
    • Rock Band Guitar Effects Switch
    • Built in Wii Controls on Front of Guitar
    • Stylish Wii Look and Feel
    • Pricing and Availability

    The ezJam Combo Guitar Controller for Wii will be available in early October 2008. Suggested Retail Pricing is $69.99.

    Source: Press Release. Image from Engadget
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