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Thread: New Club Nintendo Goodies in Japan

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    NDS New Club Nintendo Goodies in Japan

    If you've got a case of Club Nintendo envy, you might want to close your eyes for this one. Nintendo Japan updated the rewards program item list today with six items, at least three of which have the potential to make fans outside of Japan weep sour tears of jealousy.

    The six items include:

    Game & Watch Collection 2: This DS cart (complete with a case!) includes two Game & Watch classics, Parachute and Octopus. Also included is Parachute X Octopus, an original game combining the two. 500 points.

    Touch Generations Soundtrack: Following a series of Mario-themed soundtracks, the Touch Generation series gets the speaker all to itself. When Nintendo says Touch Generations, it means a wide variety of titles, including Wii Fit, Wii Play, the Wii Shopping Channel, Nintendogs, and even Smash Bros. Brawl. A total of 25 tracks are included in this 64 minute CD. 400 points.

    Mario Party playing cards: A 54 card set featuring artwork for Mario Party 8. The cards can be used as a picture puzzle game (instructions included -- probably in Japanese, though). 300 points

    Mario & Luigi mini pouch: Two mini pouches are included in this set. Each is capable of holding small items like change and DS cartridges. 250 points.

    Nintendo DS Lite pouches: These nylon/polyester pouches come in red, yellow, green, and orange. There's space for your DS Lite, with a pocket for two games. 250 points.

    Original Mario badges: Nintendo has created four badges, each original Club Nintendo designs. 250 points.

    Club Nintendo members in Japan have access to these items now. Everyone else will have access to them once members take delivery of the items and start posting them to Ebay.

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    How ridiculous it is to make a Game & Watch Collection 2, without featuring som double screen games. Plain stupid.

    Yeah I want those Mario Party cards, but the rest is rather useless

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