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Thread: Looking At the PSP's First Year

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    <a href=" " target="_blank" >OCprojects</a> have written an excellent article detailing the first year of the PSP, the article talks about the <a href="" target="_blank" >Homebrew Development</a>, Games, accessories and what the future holds,

    Heres an excerpt:

    It has been nearly a year since Sony introduced its first handheld console, the Playstation Portable, to the consumer and much has happened in that time. Going up against Nintendo in the handheld market seemed by many to be a fool's errand. Fortunately for Sony they were able to pull through the first year with only minor battle scars. The PSP did better than any other non-Nintendo portable in recent memory, but to say that the PSP dominated at retail would not just be a blatant over-exaggeration, but completely and utterly wrong.

    So what exactly has happened in the first year of the PSP's life? Plenty of stuff – some good, some bad, and yes, some ugly. In this article we will be taking a retrospective look at the PSP's first 12 months and also do a little speculating on the PSP's future. The PSP still has quite a bit of untapped potential and with some luck (and brains) Sony might be able to have quite a successful first outing in the handheld game space. While this editorial as a whole may seem negative, the truth is that I am a little annoyed with Sony and how they handled the PSP. Here they have a perfectly capable platform with which to ‘wow' gamers with jaw-dropping games never before dreamed about on a handheld, and they kind of blew it. That said, it has only been a year, and the PSP still has 80% left of its lifecycle to turn things around.

    So lets take a look at the PSP - Year One.

    read the full article <a href=" " target="_blank" >Here</a>.

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