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    i havent been on the psp hacking for some time and i can say that a lot of things have changed. im unsure with some things:

    im planning to get burnout and i know it requires a 2.0 firmware. i have heard of a software to trick the psp but there is so many to choose from. which one works the best and what version?

    secondly, what are firmware loaders?


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    I would say get the SXT Version Changer to trick your psp to 2.0+
    This works with every game except for a few including GTA
    Firmware loaders are something new to the scene, which is still in developement, and it attempts to load all of the system files that are used to run the psp directly off of the memory stick instead of the flash. So far, all work but, are very limited and most features dont work at this point(1.0 loads perfectly i believe, 2.0+ web browser, video, etc dont work, GTA, etc, games requiring 2.0 do not work)
    this will hopefully develop to the point of being able to load 2.0, 2.5, X.YZ firmware off of your 1.5 to use all the newest features and play all the newest games while retaining homebrew functionality

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