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It's amazing what a healthy following anything only remotely related to Japanese pop-culture has enjoyed in the past couple of years. Anime and Manga have cross-influenced videogames in turn as well. A major influence has always been the famous Shonen Jump magazine, which series like Naruto, One Piece or Dragon Ball were picked up by games developers and embraced by fans worldwide with great excitement. Now, software multiplayer SEGA did their magic for another Jump Manga title, giving the Bleach franchise their royal treatment with Bleach: Tasogare ni Mamieru Shinigami for GameCube, which we received today. It's a more traditional Beat'em Up (with full-fledged fighting mechanics), sporting incredible visuals and all your favorite characters from the Bleach universe. In a market plagued with popular brands turned into half-heartedly souped up games, SEGA's involvement - as could be expected from them being dev team veterans - lets this title really shine in all respects. Definitely a title that can't be missed for all Beat'em Up, Manga and GameCube fans!

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