well i was just playing gta, screwing around with that awesome cheatdevice and i just pressed the home button to see the volume bar, and what more did i see ? the language became japanese... or chinese i dont know, its weird anyway :P and for some reason i cannot quit gta, pressing ... well whatever yes is in japanese just brings me back to the game, and when i pull out the UMD it goes to the quit screen but it still doesnt work, and gta goes to the shoreside vale loading screen and if i put it back in i get back into the game where i was, so if youre looking for some exploit in the gta save, it might just work because it changed my language, i dont know anything about this, it might have happened before and might also be (very?) useless to say, currently my wifi adapter is connected to my psp, if that might matter.

oh and i have firmware 2.01 on my EU psp 1004

just so you guys know ill leave it running if you want to test anything, ill do anything to be able to help you guys get me running homebrew stuff