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Bust-A-Move DS US ver.

Bust-a-Move DS brings all of the bubble bursting, puzzle fun onto the Nintendo DS. This time Bub and Bob return center stage as they fling bubbles from the bottom screen to the top in an attempt to match 3 bubbles causing them to pop. You have to be fast because with each second you waste deciding your next move, the rows of bubbles get lower and lower. With multiplayer mode allowing 5 people to play via Nintendo DS' wireless link, this Bust-a-Move will prove to be the ultimate battle party game.

Super Black Bass Fishing US ver.

True to its forebears, Super Black Bass on the Nintendo DS provides an enjoyable game of fishing on serene lakes where players set anchor and attempt to reel the bass in with patience and alluring lure action. The types of bass featured in the game include spotted bass which is colored a grayish-green with splotchy spots across the upper length of its body, Florida bass which is duo-toned with a dark upper body and lighter belly. Then there's large mouth bass and its cousin, small mouth mass. Six major lakes provide the backdrop to test your fishing skills and lures. Since bass are a schooling fish, if you catch one in a part of the lake, it's likely that you'll be able to set anchor and reel them in all day.