After we brought you the skinny on the DS version of Castlevania the other day, Konami has confirmed that it's bringing the classic vamp-lamper to Europe this autumn.[br]Set in the year 2036 and following on from the GBA's Aria of Sorrow, Castlevania DS (there's no over-inflated subtitle yet, but expect one soon) sees you playing as Soma Cruz as he tries to infiltrate the castle headquarters of an evil cult trying to resurrect legendary bloodsucker Dracula.[br][br]Castlevania DS, which is being developed by the same team that worked on Aria of Sorrow, remains a side-scrolling platformer with the top screen displaying a map and your status information while the bottom screen displays the action.[br][br]Konami reckons that "by utilising the Nintendo DS' sophisticated capabilities such as the Dual Screen functionality and Touch Screen technology, we are able to bring a fresh new dimension to this title and provide a truly unique gameplay experience for the gamer."[br][br]Other than mentioning the 'Magic Seal' system, where you have to draw a mystical shape on the touchscreen with your stylus to trap defeated bosses, Konami refused to go into further detail about how it'll exploit the DS's control capabilities.[br][br]On the wi-fi side, though, Konami re-emphasised the ability to trade captured evil souls with your mates. As you progress through the game these captured souls and hundreds of other items will enhance your abilities and make kicking demonic knackers even easier.