Newly released today:

Providing you with an opportunity to experience the struggle between the Black Order and the Earl of the Millenium, Konami has released an action packed game under the hit comic/anime title D.Gray-man.

This fast paced, exciting adventure starts when Allen Walker is entrusted with a mission from the Black Order to meet his teacher and general Cross Marian in China with his comrades.

However, by the time the orders are issued, Cross has already left China for Japan. Determined to find his teacher, Allen and his comrades decided to follow suit. But before they could leave China, a horde of Akuma has invaded the country and in the midst of the battle, Allen came across the most powerful and fearsome member of clan Noah, Tyki Mikk.

The game starts when Allen woke up after his traumatic fight with Tyki Mikk. Talk to different people to activate all the scenes and since the story is told from numerous people's point of view, you gain a wider view of the character's lives in the game than you can in the anime.

Once you encountered enemies, you will be engaged in battles, use the techniques you have learned in the TV series in this section. Depending on which character you have bonded with most deeply, you can launch combined attacks with that character and unlock his/her special scenes.