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Thread: Rare was working on Avatars "before Miis were part of gaming scene"

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    xbox 360 Rare was working on Avatars "before Miis were part of gaming scene"

    via Eurogamer

    Rare has vigorously denied suggestions that its Avatars for Xbox 360 are a deliberate attempt to copy Nintendo's popular Mii template, claiming that it began work on the project before Wii had launched.

    Speaking to Eurogamer TV for today's show, head of art Lee Musgrave revealed that it was only after Microsoft had seen the original concepts for customisable in-game characters that it decided to put Avatars at the centre of the New Xbox Experience, the forthcoming dashboard overhaul due to launch this autumn.

    Musgrave said: "It was an idea we had, even before Miis were part of the gaming scene, of putting these characters that you have an affinity with, not necessarily as part of the Xbox dash, but somewhere in the Xbox that you would play multiple games with, that you would have multiple experiences with that same character."

    Seeking to hammer home the point that any similarity between Avatars and Miis was purely coincidental, producer Chris Sutherland added: "We had a project up and running that had Avatars in them and the aim was always to have this component where you were able to customise your character and apply clothing to them."

    And just in case there was any remaining confusion, Musgrave assured us that "Microsoft did not turn up one day in a speeding car and say, 'They've got Miis - do something!' It wasn't like that at all; it was something that fell into place over a period of time." More likely a private jet anyway.

    The lovely chaps at Rare also told us there was some confusion early on as to what form the Avatars should take. "Should these things be little animals, should they be quirky characters, should they be Spore-like creatures, should they be ultra-real humans? We landed in the place that we have from the overriding theme that is approachability," said Musgrave.

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    I see no reason they would lie, however I think what they probably had a different style in mind then the mii-like style they ended up adopting. They shouldn't take it as a surprise people think they are copying them, since Miis clearly DID have influence on the final decision.

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    Maybe someone should tell them that Miyamoto was trying to implement an avatar system since the NES.

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    Yeah, waaay before.
    I mean, Miyamoto wasn't working on them for like twenty years, or anything....

    Oh, WAIT.

    (For those that aren't able to detect it.)

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    Ummm, okay. So they were working on avatars before the Wii was released. But guess what, Nintendo also worked on them before the Wii released, because Miis came with Wii at launch. Unlike Xbox360, which came with gamer pics. Rare may have worked on them before the Wii launch, but Nintendo was obviously working on them first.

    Also, I own a 360, and don't want Mii look-a-likes. Makes 360 look like it's for little kids. You combine that with the 12 year olds swearing on live, and it doesn't help the cause. Miis work for Nintendo, because many people already saw Nintendo as a company geared toward kids because of the Gamecube. 360 is hardcore, soon it will be "was"

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    Quote Originally Posted by gutbub View Post
    You combine that with the 12 year olds swearing on live
    Yeah that does my head in. Why can't people just have a civilized game online

    I would turn the headset off but then you don't know what there doing to you.

    I think they made it so you can't file cheat reports against a player any more.

    That was the stupidest thing ever. You killed a guy repeatedly on a game, then at the end of it (just because he was sick of being killed) he would file a complaint about you "cheating".

    People trying to get you banned from live because of them being sore loosers is just absurd.

    Anywhoo, I believe rare and providing these characters can be made lifelike(ish) it might be a nice addition to the xbox dashboard.
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