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Thread: DS stuff....questions more likely...

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    Default DS stuff....questions more likely...

    Hey there everyone...Wishing u a happy new year 2005.
    I would like to know what is the UK proposed price of the NDS? in brunei its BND$488 with free Simz, the Urbz...which is about UK160.
    And the pictochat has some japanese character at the top...but the words and help and stuff are in english...
    What are those japanese characters at the pictochat thingy? how do i differentiate between japanese and american models NDS?
    Is there such thing as setting the languages of the NDS?
    IF so...please let me know all information that i enquire...
    Thanks to all

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    Default Re: DS stuff....questions more likely...

    i've seen in places that the UK price will be 120 - 130, although this is not confirmed. Nintendo are releasing info later this month (apparently).
    don't know about pictochat...
    if you're buying off the internet, then it will say nintendo japan or nintendo US...?
    you can change the language.
    here is a guide (courtesy of lik-sang)

    and an english user guide:

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