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Thread: Sega Genesis Emulator

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    Default Sega Genesis Emulator

    I was searching around and was unable to find a sega Genesis Emu for the GBA. Is it that I have overlooked it or that one has not been made yet?

    And do you people think that the nintendo DS could successfully emulate n64 hardware? I know nothing about what it takes to code an emulator and admire the people that can.

    Thanks in advance.

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    i don't think the GBA could emulate the Sega mega drive (Genesis), at a decent speed, and i would say the same about the DS (for a N64 emu). but i'm no coder, so its just a guess

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    Default well...

    your right dark, but the DS is more than capable of running a megadrive emu, but no one seems to be bothered making one. I'm no coder either but hell I wish I was!!! Looking at the tech specs, I can say that with confidence that the GBA could emulate a decent (ish) megadrive, it just lacks the needed ram, anyway where is the megadrive emu for the DS, petition anyone???

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