Well, itís been a while, but WipEout HD is almost out the studio door and on the virtual shelves of the PSN. What started life as a simple port has grown into a full-fledged game in its own right, with an extensive list of features. One of the things weíre very happy to support is PSN Trophies, 37 of them to be exact (well, 38 including Platinum)Ö and thatís what Iím going to talk a bit about today.

Internally, we decided to ensure our trophies covered four main areas - game progression, stat milestones, novelty and skill. Youíll notice these categories reflected in the actual visual look of the trophies themselves, as and when you earn them. Thereís are good mix of stuff youíll earn naturally (through playing Ďnormallyí), and some bespoke stuff you might have to set some time aside for. For example, you may never have thought of playing Zone Mode with just airbrakes up to Zone 50, but thatís what youíll have to do if you want the silver ĎAirbreakerí Trophy in your collection. Then thereís another type of trophy, which falls kind of between those two areas, like the gold ĎBeat Zicoí trophy.

Actually, Iíll go off on a little tangent here.

A few of us in the team had a long running competition with a very specific ruleset - Anulpha Pass/Forwards/Speed Lap/Venom/Pirahna. We were setting some impressive times. Every now and then someone would find a new tactic, a new line to take through a corner or another barrel roll opportunity, and shave a fraction of a second off the fastest time. We think weíve found the optimal route now, so itís all about a flawless execution of that line. We spent a lot of time on this competition, so we decided to make a trophy out of it. When it came to submitting the lap time, Zico Liu (one of our programmers) was top of the table, so he got the naming rights. Obtaining the gold ĎBeat Zicoí trophy is no easy task, so best of luck. Zico has since beaten his own time, and so has Stephen Taylor (another of our programmers), but like I say to them, Time Trials and Speed Laps are like punching a bag - nobodyís hitting you back. Online is where the big boys play, and Iím sure theyíll agree that thatís MY world. In fact Iíd like to take this opportunity to trash talk some of our team - Ste, Zico, Tony, Col/s, Ian, Gaz, Matt/s, Sandy, James - I OWN you all.

I wonít go on about specifics and spoil them for you (although Iím sure the internet will do that given enough time), so Iíll leave it there. To summarize, WipEout HD has trophies. Thereís one platinum, some gold, more silver and lots of bronze. Thereís a good range of difficulty ranging from very easy to damn hard. I take my hat off to anybody that earns themselves the platinum ĎTranscendenceí trophy any time soon.

WipEout HD is available on 09/25 for $19.99. The team are very proud of this game and are just as happy as the fans to see this benchmark title finally get onto the PLAYSTATION Store. Oh, and donít let the price tag fool you, WipEout HD is no run of the mill port. I can assure you that the PSN bar has been well and truly raised.

Thanks for your all your support and patience, itíll be worth it.