Those of you after an import Nintendo DS will love this news.[br][br] posted this news:[br][br] We have the DS consoles confirmed, they are the Canadian version so a little more expensive than we were hoping - but they do come with a UK power supply. [br][br]Please remember we don't have a waiting list which has been building up for months, if you order today you should get your DS from the first batch we recieve next week! [br][br]The price is 114.89 + vat, thats 134.99 inc vat. this includes a UK adaptor and the metriod prime + picochat bundled software. Click here to order. [br][br]We will keep you upto date on shipping and the latest news. The DS will come with a 1 year guarantee and be shipped from within the UK to you. [br][br]Don't worry if you want a game which isn't listed, we can add them to your order as we get them. Just ask. [br][br]More info at</a