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Thread: Channel File Manager 1.8

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    Rev Channel File Manager 1.8

    News via nintendomax

    Cashman updates homebrew Channel File Manager, a manager of chains as its name suggests, it is now in version 1.8.

    Author's note:
    You are solely responsible for your use of this application Wii. The installation of channels WiiWare, Virtual Console Wii Channel and other pay is strictly prohibited by Nintendo.
    Channel File Manager is based and 1.21 WAD Manager allows you to manage your Wii channel menu.
    You can install devices from your choice, and uninstall.
    The homebrew may also use your CIOS to benefit the installation chains.
    You must create a folder named wad at the root of your device (SD Card, SD Gecko or USB storage device) and put all your files WAD.

    In the archive, 2 files are available, how to choose which one to use?
    With the CIOS uses the Custom IOS, even if you do not have CIOS you can use.
    The free version does not use the CIOS Custom IOS, which means that if you have a CIOS below CIOS IOS36 rev04 or Custom IOS tona: Patchmii rev03 you must use this version to avoid the bug at the installation of title (or other bug that may not be known?).

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    Does this have advantages over WAD Manager? Also, is this in French of English? The quote appears to have been translated from French, so...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by theotherfreakyguy View Post
    Does this have advantages over WAD Manager?
    That's my question. Screenshots would be nice...

    Why do these authors NEVER update the damn Wiki to include their app?

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    So...I'm a little confused. What exactly does this allow you to do? Move your Wii Channels around?

    Or, theoretically, could you put something like an emulator as a channel on it's own, or even a specific ROM?

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    You can create an own channel...
    its like you would buy a vc-game.

    also my question:
    Originally Posted by theotherfreakyguy View Post
    Does this have advantages over WAD Manager?

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