WarioWare Inc, one of the DS's launch titles has just landed itself a new official site as Nintendo gears up for the launch of its exciting new handheld and face the challenge of Sony's PSP.[br]Although providing remarkably little new info for non-Japanese readers, we're reliably informed there's a couple of details on two new characters who'll feature in Wario's DS locker. Ashley is an apprentice witch, who'll examine your sliding skills in a series of every more challenging mini-games, abetted by her fiendish looking friend Red.[br][br]The second new character is Mike, a Karaoke robot created by Dr. Crygor, who'll provide a stern test of your singing skills using the DS's in-built mic. Mike's mini-games should an intriguing test of the DS's speech and sound capabilities and possibly the source of a lot of funny looks on the tube if you decide to join in.[br][br]Warioware Inc. DS is set to launch alongside the handheld console's release in Japan on December 2 and will feature a host of mini-games, returning Wario favourites and a whole bunch of stylus sliding fun.