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Thread: Neo4All/AES Tutorial & FAQ

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    Quote Originally Posted by аlex View Post
    1st_read.bin must be scrambled

    you can rename 1st_read.bin to 00000000.bin and create a new IP.bin file (use IP.BIN creator) with new first-read filename
    I think that once I'm back from work, I'll try this and post my results. The only issue I can see would be that BootDreams would want the 1st_read.bin to actually be called that...

    EDIT: Wow don't know why I would've thought that. I didn't think it would let me manually choose a binary. Shows how often I have a problem/rename a binary

    EDIT AGAIN: Wow, that actually worked! Very interesting. Who would know that if the 1st_read.bin was too far into the file system that the Dreamcast would just stop looking for it? I guess that's a fix on record for selfbooting KOF 95.
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