SuccessHK have the latest on a new commercial game release:

A tactical action RPG based on the Jump manga, Vandel vs Busters makes you (the player) into the main character. In an effort to protect the peace on Futago Shima (Twin Island), you take on the dangerous role of a Buster and head off on a journey. You're a part of the "Busters" of the title, with the Vandels being the baddies against whom you're fighting. The main characters, including your twin childhood friends Lena and Zena, have been designed by Kouji Inada. Making use of the DS's twin screen setup, Vandel vs Busters places most of the action on the top screen. Here, you view the game's battles in real time as you attempt to defeat the emerging Vandels and monsters with combo attacks. The bottom screen displays status information and commands, allowing you to select strategies with a quick touch.

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