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Thread: Revolution to be under $299

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    Default Revolution to be under $299

    Details about the Nintendo Revolution have been few and far between - perhaps Nintendo thinks that tight lips will sink the competitor's ships. But in an interview with Yahoo! News Japan this week, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata spoke out about the Revolution's expected price tag. According to Iwata, the Revolution will slide in underneath the Xbox 360's price range and will definitely be under $299. Could the lower price tag make up for the fact that the Revolution will be released far behind the Xbox 360 and PS3? Only time will tell...

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    The GC has enjoyed a tiny bit of a resurgence since the advent of the Viper & Qoob chips but I think the absence of a hard drive is a big mistake on Nintendo's part. I think when all the dust settles we will see the Nintendo's share of the game console market will have dropped even further and they will experience a huge financial loss because of it. IMHO

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