What a year for the DCEmu Homebrew & Gaming Network, the network expanded from the original Dreamcast site to take in all of my sites and then with the server problems we upgraded to a Vbulletin Forum and now the forums actually serve as news forums for all the network sites.

The community is expanding at a massive rate with a total of 20 sites under the network covering all these consoles

Nintendo DS
Nintendo Gamecube
Xbox 360
Nintendo Revolution
Tapwave Zodiac
Nokia N-Gage
Retro Consoles & Gadgets

We also have some of the Homebrew scenes best developers hosted here at DCEmu:


We are a network of sites who post news about Homebrew, Development, Hacking, Emulation and the Commercial side of each console, we never ever take the easy road and post warez or host iso loaders etc, the quickest way to destroy a scene is to do that so we keep well away from it.

This year has seen the emergence of the PSP scene and our PSP News site has enjoyed so many releases to a new console that it has been staggering, of late the GP2X has took over the billing of the scene with the most releases but that could change at anytime.

We have over 18,000 members now and looking at the stats we had over 4100 online at one time and thats pretty damn decent, some of the scenes we cover dont see much activity but we follow them regardless.

In 2006 we hope and well with a nutter like me running the place, this network will get bigger and better and hopefully one day the legal Homebrew scene will be looked on more favourable than it has been in the past, we can but hope

Of course even though i do a heck of a lot of work id like to thank Martin64 for hosting me and my server killing sites (yeah we actually killed a server), also Soully and DS69 and indeed all the staff and mods at DCEmu and the members and helpers who make my job easier, a big thanks to you all, it has personally been a year with some great ups (this network) and some severe downs ( losing family members) but its great to come home and emerse myself in the Homebrew scene, a scene ive followed for 9 years or more (im forgetful), ive had some crackin arguments (yeah those are fun) and made some great friends but its all worth it overall, just remember though without the developers and hackers and i suppose in a smaller way newsposters and webmasters/mods etc you wouldnt have your scene, so its always worth trying to say things in a correct way even if you dislike their work or release.

Ok ive bored everyone to sleep and im drunk anyway but HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL