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Mawashite Koron is an inofficial successor to the 1992 released Super Famicom puzzle game On the Ball (also known as On the Ball in the US).

The target in this game is to lead a ball through a dungeon-like maze under a special time limit. This is done by rotating the maze left and right. A close-up view of the ball and its surroundings is shown on the top screen, while a full map is visible on the bottom one. Played with the stylus, the dungeon rotates depending on which icon is pressed. You can also make the ball spin, increase its speed and give it destructive abilities.

The single player mode contains four difficulties. In the multi player mode, you compete by trying to escape from the dungeon fastest.

Taito's Mawashite Koron for Nintendo DS is now available at discounted US$ 14.90 only.