Newly released today

Participate in the dogfight that crosses the boundaries of time. More than 40 mechas and 30 pilots are showing up in this galactic airborne action.

Missions are categorized by the series they appear in, travel through time with your mech and complete these tasks.

These missions include battling alien army regiments, overpowering troupes of rampaging soldiers and shoot down strange organisms that fall from the sky, etc. All of these missions support cooperative play modes, so combine forces with a friend when enemies swarm in on you.

Utilizing the graphical capabilities of the console, the backgrounds of the fights are rendered to the most realistic degree. Protect the world with all your might as it's a shame to see such beautiful scenes swallowed by seas of fire.

Admire the mechas you get in the mecha gallery, glean useful information from the introductory passages and decide which one is best for what kinds of missions.

Participate in the ultimate dogfight in Macross Ace Frontier on your Sony PSP™. The ticket to this exciting event is sold for US$ 48.90 only.