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Thread: SQUAREZ for 3.xx/4.xx kernels

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    psp SQUAREZ for 3.xx/4.xx kernels

    akadewboy has posted an edited version of the excellent squarez homebrew game for the PSP:

    A lot of people have had trouble getting the hombrew game called SQUAREZ to work on the slim and 3.xx/4.xx kernel. For some reason even if you merged the KXploited version into one eboot it still wouldn't work.

    Well I looked into it and did a little hex editing to make it work. I discovered that there was just something wrong with the PARAM.SFO file.

    All credit goes to the original creators, I just wanted to play it on my PSP and didn't do much to make it compatible.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    i love this game i think i did something to get it to work on my psp but that was awhile back
    3.03 OE-C, works if u use the eboot from %squarez v0.6, make sure its in GAME150
    of course it means that anybody with slim coudnt use it but slim wasnt avilabile then lol. it would be nice to see this game updated by original user(s) or give permission for somebody esle to update maybe
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    plus they made a Squarez v0.8.2 Beta 24 which is a lot cleaner with pausing, themes, backgrounds and songs

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    this game freezes after i press X to open it.... Any reasons why its doing this?

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    maybe you got a fake memory card or have it in the folder it seemed to work on mine 4.01m33-2 so i dont know if its not that
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