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Thread: Ideas for New Games on the DS

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    Default Ideas for New Games on the DS

    i think nintendo should release paper mario ds
    i think the graphics would be able to handle such a game and the top screen could be a message screen for the multiplayer option which could be included. the multiplayer option would be an even bigger world than the the single player mode and will be more tough.
    when getting to certian points in the game you could spend your coins on other nintendo allstars to play with in certain areas of multiplayer modes and their would be also one free mini game with each character.

    The ds could also have a demo disk free with it called E3 demo which will have all the demos from E3 on it

    what do other people think on this subject

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    Default Re: Ideas for New Games on the DS

    I know for sure Mario Kart will be and i hope i see Zelda as i am not to sure that is coming soon

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    Default Re: Ideas for New Games on the DS

    Yes zelda is coming out. I think they should have smash brothers DS with wireless conectivity. Excitebike and Banjo Kazzoie would also make a sick DS games.

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