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Thread: Irdeto Sage V2 - File Encryption for the PSP!

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    psp Irdeto Sage V2 - File Encryption for the PSP!

    News/release from Art:

    Hi Guys,
    Her's the more polished version of Irdeto Sage file Encryptor/Decryptor for the Sony PSP.

    This version adds another step to the crypt algorithms with little time overhead,
    also an interface tidy up, and a file footer is added to encrypted files to prevent
    encrypting a file twice, or trying to decrypt a file that is already in plain state
    (ie. the program knows if a file has been encrypted with this program or not).

    Encrypted files produced with IDS V1 are not compatible with V2 for two of the reasons given above.

    Full source is given away with this release:
    Security of data encrypted with this program does not depend on secrecy of the crypt algorithm,
    but it does depend on the secrecy of the private key chosen by the user to encrypt data with.
    Cheers, Art.

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    Very nice Art!
    I'll be using this.

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