News/release from Davee

[Scramble Patcher by Davee]

This is for firmware 5.00 ONLY!

This release is mainly targeted at theme developers more than normal users, but they can use it if they wish.

If you haven't seen the VSH Module Descrambler, you will need to go and check that first, before using this.

This plugin allows to patch modules on-the-fly with the scrambles in ms0:/scrambles/*.
To use this is easy, all you have to do is get a scramble for the VSH Module Descrambler and put it in the ms0:/scrambles/ folder named the same as the module which it came from (vshmain scramble becomes vshmain.bin) with a .bin extension.

Using this allows quick turn around times for finding values in the scrambles. You can simply just modify it from the memory stick rather than descramble it from the prx, apply edit, rescramble and then flashing it.

Like I said, its more a debugging tool than usable device, but it does allow a flashless customise of prx's.

Remember some boot values are set in the RCO's (xmenu) and will not be visable until you go into a submenu and exit from it.
If you want it to be at a certian position, you may need to modify the RCO beforehand.

Copy seplugins folder to PSP root. (do not overwrite vsh.txt if you have existing plugins. Add the entry manually).
Copy correctly named scrambles to ms0:/scrambles/ folder.
Activate plugin in recovery.
Boot PSP.

Davee - Rescramble PSP code.
Bubbletune - Original Descramble method and Design.

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