News/release from Torch

This increases the vertical scrolling speed of Music player by around 50%. You can scroll 300 songs in 10 seconds using this. This is the maximum possible speed that can be achieved without directly hacking vshmain.prx.

It works in the Photos menu as well if you open the Music player first.

Install it under SEPLUGINS in VSH.TXT

Changelog v1.2:
While scrolling up/down, accidently pressing left/right diagonals will not exit menu/play song. (This is how the XMB is normally supposed to be.)

Changelog v1.1:
Its now compatible to be loaded by Lockdown XMB Style Beta-3 when using the XMB Plugins Disabled option for enhanced security.

Changelog v1.0:
Now allows finer control for scrolling one item at a time.
VSHMenu now works normally.
Optimized code a bit, uses 1KiB less kernel memory.

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