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An Xbox Live 'starter pack' has been revealed, designed to give 360 Arcade owners one-stop entry into the world of online gaming.

The pack includes a 60GB hard drive, a headset, and Ethernet cable and a three-month gold subscription to Xbox Live.

This will come for $99 in US according to online retailers, and will be out on November 4.

Although no European price has been announced, a 79 Euro (around 64) price has been hinted, along with an unconfirmed November 21 release.

Not the cheapest of proposals (you could buy the equivalent gear for a PC for MUCH less), but it'll be handy for those who want to start using their 360 properly. Shame it doesn't come with the silver disc tray cover, too - the final touch to bling an Arcade console up to full Premium pack status.

We're currently awaiting confirmation of a UK release from MS.