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Sometimes, a title comes our way that isn't easily classified into current videogame genres. See, Electroplankton - as the fantastic art and music heads-on collision it represents - won't fit your usual puzzle or music title drawer, it's something completely unique and that benefits the gaming field altogether. We are offered an experience that you have to delve in hands-on to really see what it is about, to enjoy it fully in several areas, be it visuals, audio or touch. Below, we certainly have done our best to give you the gist of what Electroplankton is all about, and why we absolutely recommend you have to get this one. A challenging and relaxing piece of Nintendo goodness appearing on the NDS, a platform already home to other acclaimed music oriented titles Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan and Dai Gassou! Band Brothers, which have been released in Japanese versions only before as well.

Now, the US version of Electroplankton is in stock and ships within 24 hours for only US$ 49.90, eligible for our Free Shipping Worldwide promotion. For those of you who preordered this great recreational tool, your orders have been shipped out already. Please note that this game is currently a web exclusive and availability is very sparse. You'd better be quick if you want to beat the backorder flag, or if already too late when you are reading these lines, you might as well consider the Japanese version of the game, which we have in sufficient stock for everyone.

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