via Eurogamer

Atari has taken the calendar by the horns and dated the remainder of games due out this side of Christmas.

Which means a 14th November date for Alone in the Dark: Inferno on PS3. The "Inferno" part of the title was added recently to reflect the additional content and bug fixes developer Eden has been working on since the launch of Alone in the Dark on Xbox 360 back in May.

But will that make any difference to the original 7/10 score? Sadly, our hands-on impressions of the PS3 build suggest not.

A week later, on 21st November, we'll be treated to Legendary on PC and Neverwinter Nights 2 expansion pack Storm of Zehir.

We'll skip over the former, because of dismal review scores, but the latter adds a significant amount of content to the ageing D&D role-playing game. Of most interest will be the party system, but there are also new classes, a minty fresh campaign and plenty of other bits to go round.